To empower people and organizations

to use their competencies towards customers

in an inspired, convinced, appropriate and responsible way of acting



Accompany organizations towards People Excellence as consultant, coach, trainer or temporary manager.
Organizational development based on values, culture and strategic competencies.
Strengthen the alignment of management, leadership and human resources forces.
Optimize processes and coach people in transition phases (replacement, repositioning, talent placement and reintegration).
Coach people (managers, sales people, experts,key positions holders) to maximize their strengths and workability.

"People Excellence is all about how organizations let
people bring in and align competencies towards company goals."



Organizational analysis (as f.e. via the People Excellence Scan)
Competency Scan and Development (Talent Developer,

Solution and target focused coaching tool box
+ 13 years of professional experiencein the field of Human Resources as scientist, expert, manager, facilitator, trainer and coach.


"When you focus on and follow your inner strength, you take the right way - as company and as individual!".